Author Topic: Brick Source and the Never-Ending War Against Spam  (Read 199 times)

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Brick Source and the Never-Ending War Against Spam
« on: October 30, 2011, 12:10:20 am »
Hello, my name is Harry Pound the creator of Brick Source and it's other partners.  A few months ago we all lost touch with the site, LASF's did watch over it but as being a newbie member couldn't do anything about the spam that was accumulating in the Forums.  He sent me messages on BiM which I did receive but due to a vacation I was not able to continue to clean up the site.  For LASF's work on this site I will be giving him the rank of Moderator if he wishes to become a true part of this site.

I also have my doubts as myself as an Admin, if anyone wants to take their place next to me as Co-Admin then feel free to reply to this  topic.  To the best of my ability I will continue to keep this site free of spam, now with more help on the team, I hope we can win the war for we have just overcome the battle.

All The Best

Binding Brick.


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Wow. I just came back on the site. I'm sorry what happened to it... I doubt you'll get to reading this. Anyway, there is too much spam for me to clear, I'll try to remove some but it'll just keep rolling in, unfortunately. :(