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Rules of Conduct
« on: July 11, 2011, 01:51:17 pm »
To report a violation of site rules, use the "report" button on the offending post to notify a moderator.

Rules of Conduct
  • Strong language and Graphic images are not tolerated in Brick Help.  Personal offense to another member results in a permanent ban.  Sending graphic photographs and posting graphic images is not acceptable in the Forums.  Simple Machines Forums does not require a certain age on Brick Help and so we want all our posts to be suitable for all ages.  Posting any graphic picture with purpose results in an instant ban.
    If you have any troubles with a member contact a moderator or me and we will have a meeting with you about the issue.
  • Personal insults, threats or abusive comments is not acceptable at Brick Help.  Criticizing ones work is different but if it is personal and or has reference to ones faith, nationality or sex this results in a permanent ban.  Any abusive comments - Racists, sexist and or homophobic slurs are not allowed.  Trolling and starting off-topic arguments based around insults is not permissible.
  • Marketing/Advertising. If you have a festival or contest you'd like to promote, that's fine.  If you're looking to sell or give away something that other members would like then that's fine as long as it is brickfilm related.  But please don't make a thread to advertise your personal crap.
  • NO SPAMMING!  If you are caught spamming then a moderator will contact me and we will figure out your punishment.
  • Warning members about a films content.  As we don't have an age limit we would hate to see a member leave because of ones content in a film.  We don't always need to say "This film is G-Rated" but it would help a lot if films with stronger more adult content had a warning at the beginning.
  • Piracy will be blocked from Brick Help.  While pirated software is illegal it is still over the internet.  And we don't want links to these over our forums.  So don't post links that lead to illegal downloads.  Moderators will contact me for what to do with pirated content on the site.  It is most likely that a ban will be ready for you.
  • Impersonations will end your time here. Do not impersonate another member of this forum.  Also do not use multiple accounts on the site or present yourself a new member on a second account.  This will make you loose all of your accounts.  How ever if you have troubles getting onto the site then you can email a moderator or me and we can set you a new password.  Although there must be a reset password  option.
  • No controversial topics will pass.  Same goes for politics, religion, and race.  All these will be removed and moderators and I will decide consequences.

The moderators of this forum have the ability and the right to edit/delete posts you make that are abusing the rules of conduct.  Moderators also have the ability to stop future issues before they happen.  Users may be banned for any misconducts that are listed above.